Monday, May 27, 2013


It happens more frequently than you would think- people bring up popular movies in conversation that I've never seen.  I'm so out of touch. What follows is a list of movies that I have NOT seen. Don't hate.

The Big Lebowski
Star Wars 
Harry Potter 
The Dark Knight rises
Back to the Future
Shawshank redemption 
Lord of the Rings
Kill Bill

Monday, April 29, 2013

The 80s don't care.

The 80s were wild times. Even though I was born in 1984, I don't actually know this from personal experience. I grew up in the country, and I wasn't really exposed to pop culture until 1999 and the Y2K scare.  Now that hipsters have re-popularized Ray Ban Wayfarers and big hair, I'm starting to get in touch with my roots.  As a part of this endeavor, I've recently watched some 80's movies.

My friends introduced me to Disneys "The Watcher in the Woods." This movie is rated PG, and my friends had watched it (in school?) when they were under the age of 10. It was as terrifying as the title sounds.  If you watched it on VHS and never got to see the alternate ending, it is definitely worth your time.

I also recently watched "Heathers." Netflix described it as a pre-cursor to mean girls. While it did involve a group of mean girls in high school, the main subject matter was murder and teenage suicide.  One of the characters even tries to blow up the school and brings a gun.  This movie would never get produced today. The 80s don't care.

Although "Heathers" was somewhat disturbing, it was disturbing like Eminem is disturbing.  It is artistic, and you want to quote it in everyday conversation. (E.g. "What's your damage?" and "Guess who's back?")

The 80s don't care. And we're all better for it. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Need a Lyft?

Last Friday, Lyft launched in Seattle.  I signed up to be a driver, and so far, it has been a blast!  Here's why:

1. Passengers tell you about cool stuff. I picked someone up from the Swedish Cultural Center. Apparently, that place is awesome. They have ABBA night. Who knew?!

2. Kids smile at you.  If you put a pink mustache on the front of your car, kids will freak out. I feel like Santa.

3. Hot guys do a double take at you.  This might have something to do with the ridiculous pink mustache. Maybe.

4. It is suddenly OK to pick up strangers in your car and offer them candy. I do it every day.

5. My car is clean.  It is like inviting someone over to your house -- you're forced to clean up and stop leaving trash on the floor.

6. It builds community. Over the weekend, I tripled the number of people that I've met (i.e. had a real conversation with) in my immediate neighborhood.  I'm counting on Lyft to take down the Seattle Freeze!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why I love Corporate Canada.

Blasphemy?  Not at all.  Let me tell you a story.

Recently, I ventured into Lululemon's (a Canadian company) store in downtown Seattle. I was going to spend a gift card that my lovely sister had given me for Christmas.  As I wandered the store, I started to notice some things.  The tank tops still cost $80, which is enough to make even the richest yogi soccer mom think twice, but what stood out to me were the decorative displays.  No statues of Ganesha or relaxation CDs. Instead, the shelves were adorned with copies of business literature.  I don't normally expect to shop for yoga gear while thumbing through a copy of Jim' Collins' Good to Great or Malcolm Tidwell's The Tipping Point.

It was like I was living a Harvard Business School case study in awesomeness.  These Canucks don't mess around.

As I paid for my overpriced shirt, I noticed an advertisement for a free restorative yoga class that evening at the store.  "Free," you say? Time to put these clothes to good use!  I returned to the mall later that evening more out of curiosity than anything else. While the tweens window-shopped at Tiffany's and bought movie tickets outside the entrance to the Lululemon store, I was inside, chanting sanskrit mantras under the veil of candlelight with 20 relative strangers.  Yes, it was strange to do yoga in a mall. Strangely awesome.

And that, in a nutshell, is why I love Corporate Canada (as represented by Lululemon).

With the intention of being ironic (can you do that?), I'm also sharing this video:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My first thoughts on being back in America:

1. I have entirely way too much stuff. Despite the fact that it all fits neatly into boxes in one closet, it still feels like too much.
2. Since when do we have to pay for bags at the grocery store?  I leave for 3 months and all hell breaks loose.
3. Speaking of all hell breaking loose, there is a hideous ferris wheel on the Seattle waterfront. I'm sorry, did a bunch of carnies move in while I was gone?  It looks ridiculous.  If you want views, that is what the Space Needle is there for.  We don't need both.  Thank god I took plenty of pictures of the skyline over the last 5 years.  I certainly won't be taking any more.
4. Furthermore, why is the Space Needle painted orange right now? When is the next mayoral election?   This crap can't continue.
5. Today, I observed a group of construction workers on a smoke break on the street. They were also drinking kombucha.  Only in Seattle.
6. A haircut and an eyebrow wax can make you look like a brand new person.
7. I don't like wearing seat belts.
8. As expected, the sun does not shine here. :(
9. Everything is so orderly! 

Tiger Kingdom

I miss cuddling with tigers. Drugged or not.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Well, our hostel is full of drunk idiots, but hvar is beautiful.  We have to stay in our hostel again tonight, but tomorrow we're moving to a private apartment.  Looking foward to another day of sun!